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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Upper Elementary

Ages 10 - 12

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    January 17, 2018

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    October 10, 2018


Upper Elementary is for kids ages 9-12.  We start the year reviewing lessons that students have learned which will help them continue to be successful students into the future.  We will continue working on more independent projects as the students choose projects based on their interests.  We face the world as a whole not just focusing on a piece but seeing how everything we learned is integrated together.

What to Expect

Weekly Project Time to innovate, create, and explore personal interests

Weekly visual and performing arts

Interdisciplinary social studies and science exposure

Emphasis on collaborative group work as well as personal social development

Instrumental Band program offered

Three Interest Group offerings per school year

Inside the Classroom
Supply List & Resources

Supply List

You may want to label these supplies with your student’s name to prevent loss.

● Small manual pencil sharpener

● A supply of pencils, erasers, and markers and pencil pouch for storage.

● A marble composition book, 7 ½” x 9 ½”

● A pair of scissors

● Calculator (TI 30 XIIS)

● Reusable water bottle or plastic cup

● Weekly Planner- (Please find a planner that works well with your student’s organizational style.)

● 2 set of earbuds/headphones (dollar store quality is fine)

● A Chromebook (Chromebooks​ are a unique class of mobile computing devices, designed specifically for Web-based tasks.) Please note: Chromebooks are a school supply and need to be at school for use at school​. If a student’s internet access needs to be restricted, please contact the teachers and let them know. Any internet problems at school will be brought to the attention of the parents immediately.

● 1 large three ring binder (either 2” or 3” binding)

● Rain/hiking/outdoor appropriate shoes that are stored at school Supplies to be used by the whole class (It is not necessary to label these with your student’s name)

● A pair of scissors

● A set of watercolor paints

● A package of dry erase markers

● A package of pencils

Music: One: pocket folder with center fasteners, any color/style

Art: Spiral Sketch Pad 9′ X 12″ 50lb. (Micheals – I always use a 40% coupon) Avery Permanent​ Glue Stick ( Office supply store)

We have made considerable effort to scale down our supply list. As the year progresses and we need additional supplies, we will send home “Want Ads” in our Classroom Email.

**Students should also have a supply of pencils, sharpeners, and writing paper available for homework use**

Resources  This site explains our plan-do-review process, how children learn through active learning, and how adults support children in their experiences.  You will also find the KDI’s (Key Developmental Indicators) listed.  How we support students in fine motor development and pre-handwriting

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