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Letter from the Principal: Apr. 3, 2020

Dear Spectrum Families and Friends, 

We have completed Week 2 of Spectrum at Home and I am seeing the vast majority of students getting into the groove with their hardworking teachers and each other. Do not underestimate how much thought, planning, and work Spectrum teachers are putting into this kind of instruction, and in providing personalized feedback and support to every student. 

Many other schools and districts will offer what I consider to be mind-numbing curriculum with easy-to-cheat quizzes and tests. It is all about task completion and log-in time. This was an area I explored deeply in my previous district, and was never satisfied with the canned, static, and easy-to-game version of online “learning”. Inquiry and thinking outside the box are not valued in a point-and-click learning system, and actually thinking about why several answers could be right or wrong on a multiple choice test actually counts against a student. Thinking is a bad idea in these systems. Regurgitation is the primary value. 

In contrast, the challenges and opportunities Spectrum teachers are providing to our students align with our mission and vision of cultivating curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning. Our teachers are providing choice, and being present for their students. Please continue to support your children in having fun, showing up, and staying connected. As the uncertainty of when we return gets extended by the authorities, we will continue to provide the best possible learning opportunities for your children. 

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat 

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