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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Letters from the Principal

"I learned a new word, "Spectrumy". It was then that I realized I have been a "Spectrumy" educator my entire career. To me, it means putting the learner's experience of school as the number one priority. Their thoughts, feelings, relationships, and learning."

About Dr. Mary Beth Cunat

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat is a life-long learner and educator. She recently retired from Chicago Public Schools, after serving in multiple roles from teacher, Central Office leadership, and school administration. Her pedagogical passion has always been progressive approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment that advance student ownership of learning and a child’s love for school. This is why Spectrum is such a great fit. Mary Beth is recently a new grandma to twin girls, and they are the impetus for her move to Rockford- to lead and nurture this “educational wonderland” for the Rockford community which now includes her own family!

Letters from Dr. Cunat

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