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Spectrum-Angelic Organics Partnership 2019

Dear Spectrum Parents, 

We have some exciting news! We have received some funding from two sources to lay the foundation for a partnership with Angelic Organics Learning Center. Thank you to the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois and to Angelic Organics for their support! The grant we proposed is called Cycles of Learning: School to Farm to School and includes three sets of field trips for every level to focus on life cycles, farming and environmental topics, animal care, gardening, farm-to-table food, nutrition, survival skills, nature hikes, and many other interesting topics that shift according to season.

I wanted to give you all a heads up that we will need chaperones and drivers for every level for every trip. We really appreciate your support and enthusiasm for getting our students “into the field” with hands-on experiential learning.

For each of the excursions, our teachers and the educators from Angelic Organics will be collaborating on the lesson designs for both preparing for the trips, during the trips, and bringing the learning back to school. Here is the cycle of trips and topics we have developed or are planning to develop to date. Your children’s teachers will provide more details once they have been determined by the team. Also, make a note of thanks to Mary Baldauf for initiating the conversations that made this partnership possible.

Mary Beth Cunat

Winter Field Trips and Topics

  • Pre-School, Early, and Intermediate: Wed., January 23
  • Upper and Middle: Wed., Jan 30
  • Possible Topics:
    • Holistic Livestock – winter care
    • Outdoor  Winter Survival – shelters -could be a Quinzhee if we have enough snow), fire building
    • Culinary class – winter farm to table option
    • Nature  Hike – Winter Ecology edition
      • Winter landscapes- inquiry and observation
      • Claiming a spot to visit, observe, and monitor over the three visits, making winter observations

Early Spring Excursions and Topics

  • Upper and Middle: Overnight Farm Stay March 18-20 (extra field trip fees will be involved for this)
    • Just Kidding Farm Stay – assisting and caring for goats through birthing, farms chores, nature excursions, cheese making, web-of-life activities, campfires, a visit with Aldo Leopold, invasive species removal, stone soup and bread making, ice cream making, goat hoof trimming and milking, storytelling
    • We can divide up chaperone times by days and nights if it is difficult to commit to three days, but need to have a core group of adults to commit to being there the full time.
  • Pre-School, Early, and Intermediate: Wed., April 3
  • Possible Topics:
    • Holistic Livestock – spring care
    • Culinary class – spring farm to table option
    • Nature  Hike – early spring ecology edition
      • Emergent spring landscapes- inquiry and observation
    • Gardening – farm to school projects

Late Spring Excursions and Topics

  • Whole school will go out to Angelic Organics on Monday, May 13
  • Possible Topics:
    • Livestock care
    • Orienteering
    • Identifying various life cycles (farm, forest, wetlands)
    • Culinary class – spring farm to table option
    • Nature  Hike – early spring ecology edition
      • Emergent spring landscapes- inquiry and observation
    • Gardening – farm to school projects

Please let your child’s teacher know for which trips you can drive and chaperone.

We would love to maximize parent participation in these wonderful opportunities.

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