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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Sabine Slocum


- Teaching Certificate 1-10, Germany
- Illinois Teaching Certificate, K-9


Sabine has been a teacher since 1993 with over fifteen years of teaching experience in Germany and the US. This includes many years of experience in multi-age classroom settings. She has a long lasting history with Spectrum School which started in 2003 as a long term substitute teacher and a stepmother to a student.

Currently, she is a parent as well as a Middle School teacher at Spectrum School. Sabine has a general passion for teaching but especially likes teaching language, geography, and math. Spectrum School gives Sabine the opportunity to tie the contents of these and more subjects together in interdisciplinary projects. Being bilingual, she teaches German in Middle School. She enjoys making connections between the cultures of the world through linguistics, customs, and history.

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