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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Intermediate Elementary

Ages 7 - 10

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    March 1, 2018

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    October 8, 2018


Intermediate Elementary serves kids ages 7 to 10.  During their years at this level, students learn to advocate for themselves, solve in-depth problems in creative ways, and actively participate in rich interdisciplinary learning.  At the beginning of the year, students are challenged through teacher-led projects. Throughout the year, they are guided to increasing levels of independence choosing topics based on their interests.  They are taught how to ask questions, make a cohesive plan, and reflect on their progress and product. Students engage with both their classroom and school community as well as members of the community at large.

What to Expect

A balanced approach to literacy, including book clubs, journaling, reports and research, fiction and non-fiction reading, grammar, phonics, and literary round table discussions

Spelling and syntax experienced through word-study

In-depth math study through the Investigations Math program

Social studies and science explored through in-depth, interdisciplinary projects

A strong emphasis on social development

Instrumental Band offered beginning at age 9

Inside the Classroom
Supply List & Resources

Supply List

Please have available at school:

● One 3-inch hard cover 3-ring binder with pockets (last year’s processfolio can be reused)

● Reusable, dishwasher-safe water bottle to either leave at school or pack in a lunchbox

● Angel Soprano Recorder (model #PB6000) available at Guzzardo’s Music or​ $4 to cover the cost

● 3-prong folder for music

● Spiral Sketch Pad 9′ X 12″ 50lb. (Michael’s – I always use a 40% coupon) for Art

● Avery Permanent​ Glue Stick (Office supply store) for Art

● A pair of athletic shoes available at school (if students choose to wear these types of shoes to school on a daily basis, no shoes are needed)

● Students at this level are NOT required to bring a device to school, but if you would like to participate in our Bring Your Own Technology program, devices must have an attached keyboard. Chromebooks work best. Students who do not bring in technology are required to pay an annual $25 technology fee to use school-owned devices whenever needed.​ We usually begin using technology regularly during the second half of the school year, so it is not necessary to have devices right away.

Community Supplies

In our classroom, we use a “community supply” system where students get supplies they need from the shelves and return them to the appropriate bins when finished. Because of this, we do not need a lot of supplies this year (It may be a good idea to purchase a few items for home use while everything is on sale.). We make an effort in our class to reduce and reuse the supplies we have. You will notice students using real silverware, plates, and cups and cleaning with cloth rags instead of disposable products. Also, We have a supply of kitchen utensils in the classroom, so there is no need to send single-use plastic utensils in a child’s lunchbox. We have a passion for nature and the world around us, and love sharing that with the students!

Other ways you can help:

● We spend a lot of time outside in a variety of weather. It is a good idea to have available for your child a raincoat, rain boots or older shoes that can get wet or muddy, comfortable clothes suitable for each season, and extra sets of winter clothes to leave at school (i.e. mittens, hats, socks, and snow pants), Students who like to wear shorts or skirts to school may want to keep an extra pair of long pants in their backpacks. Our facility has acres of wooded trails, and we like to use them year-round!

● We have created two wish lists on Amazon for books that we plan to use this year. Monarch (picture books) and Bluestem (chapter books) Award nominees are titles that have been chosen by Illinois teachers, students, and librarians as excellent and varied examples of children’s literature.

Please take a look at the following link to see if there are any that you would be willing to donate to our classroom. Monarch: Bluestem: Other needs may arise as we progress through the school year, which we will send out via email.

We are excited for the school year to begin!


Spelling City
Spelling City Each student has a specific sort number that works on a spelling rule or pattern.  In class, we work with students to put their words into categories to help them memorize and understand the patterns rather than just individual words.

Investigations Math

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a website that helps reinforce math skills your child is learning at school.

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.All of the site’s resources are available to anyone. . The Khan Academy’s materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge.The link below takes you to an introductory video with information about setting up an account. Khan is used as a supplement to our applied math program, Investigations by Pearson.

Math Practice Links

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