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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Nature Preschool

Ages 4 - 5

  • Date created

    March 1, 2018

  • Last updated

    September 26, 2018


Children by nature are kinesthetic learners; this program gives them hands-on opportunities to learn and explore in an environment that stimulates the mind and body.  The children in this class will be developing empathy through teamwork, confidence, and self-esteem as they work together solving problems and exploring their environment.

Research finds that children are stimulated by the outdoors and typically experience, over time, an increase in their self-belief, confidence , learning capacity, enthusiasm, communication, problem solving skills, and emotional well-being.

What to Expect

We value taking the students’ lead and use their interests as ‘teachable moments;’ having choice keeps students engaged and focused.

We will maintain a flexible schedule, with a predictable flow of daily activities to ensure a trusting learning environment is offered.

Arrival:  Your child will be greeted by a teacher and guided to an area where small activities are available for exploration.

Large Group Activity:  Movement, stories, songs, team games, collaborative art projects

Discovery Time:   Exploring and using the senses to connect with the physical world around us.  Literacy, math, and science will be incorporated through classifying, sorting, counting, problem-solving, investigating, measuring, answering open-ended questions, observing, and hypothesizing.

Inside the Classroom
Supply List & Resources

Supply List

***Please note that because this is a new program items may be added as we find a need to insure your child’s safety and comfort in all weather.***

All items for snow and rain MUST be waterproof. Items you can buy at target or walmart will not cut it in the cold weather. It is crucial to their safety that children are warm and dry.

Rain Gear:

Waterproof pants

Waterproof jacket

Rain boots

Snow Gear:

Wool or silk long underwear

Wool or silk socks

Waterproof snow pants

Waterproof, warm winter coat

Warm Hat/face cover

Gordini Easy On Mitts for Children/Toddlers

Bogs boots –

Sunscreen Bug spray (must also repel ticks)

Insulated water bottle labeled with their name.

Daily shoes MUST be closed toe – NO FLIP FLOPS/SANDALS! Closed toe Keens or Keen like sandale are ok.


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